Evolution of Deceit

by Ending Tyranny

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released November 20, 2015

Christian Donaldson & Marc O Frechette @ The Grid
Olivier Pinard for tracking the bass guitar for this record
Eric Camilleri @ Chaos Corp. Promotions & Ghost Visions Records and Entertainment.
Rudi @ Gorgingsuicide for the album art and layout.
CDN records.



all rights reserved


Ending Tyranny Brantford, Ontario

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Consciousness is awareness that’s defined as a state of mind or the knowledge of existence.
Whether it’s within your body’s limitations or the immeasurable complexities of the world and its surroundings.
The basic thought that you're the center of the universe is a notion that majority will feel.
Even though it couldn't be further from the truth, it’s a pre conceived feeling from your date of birth.
As you grow, you mature from enlightenment. You begin to forge your own ideals.
Maybe now starting to realize you're not the utmost vital human in existence.
Come to terms that you're always insignificant, might be detrimental to your state of mind.
Forcing you into rationalization that everything around you is a fabricated web of lies outside the confines of the mind’s eye.
Now you’ve come to accept the newly gathered information that's become your life.
Open your eyes for me.
Witness unfathomable depths and limitless boundaries.
Embracing the morsel you have become to know.
Retracting sight from the visible light, encourages the fall to initiate it all.
Lucidity becoming more potent, washing over you.
Belieing what has been taught, what has been righteously force fed to your nubile mind.
Sickening patterns disguised as the norm, not until you've become the shell of what has been.
Irrelevant masterpiece.
A facade to all of the enlightened.
Such a minute piece to the puzzle.
You have seeped past the threshold.
From the thoughts of elders past.
It’s troubling to have to let it go.
Unbridled intuition speaks volumes of the path of which to take.
Free your mind of all unnecessary obstructions to obtain the goal at hand.
You’re getting closer, but something’s hindering your accomplishment, you're falling short.
It’s too late you've abandoned all your progress and I’ve had enough.
Failure to disambiguate resulted in your abolition.
You have forced my hand and I shall inhume your soul and obliterate your mortal casing forever more.
Forever more.
We as a whole are doomed from the beginning.
Loathsome, selfish, hate filled creatures of sin.
Will it ever change or are we fated for this?
The answers lie only within our kin.
We have to ask ourselves, where did we go wrong?
We’re headed toward a self-inflicted extinction.
Consuming everything.
Voraciously depleting all of our known finite resources.
Common ground is gone, So Is our ancestral bond with nature.
We’ve let it slip so far from reach it’s obnoxious.
Too many humans who populate this small world.
It’s suffocating Mother Nature.
Rivers run dry, we infect the sky. Take from, abuse from our bestowing habitat.
Plague of the land. Scourge that is man.
Billions too many, we cower in fear.
Hope for a comet to enter atmosphere.
Take from the land, bite on the hand.
You understand this will be useless?
Take from the land, bite on the hand.
You understand this is self-destructive?
Take from the land, bite on the hand.
You understand this is a process that kills and must be reverted?
The foundation laid to keep awake has been trampled and rearranged.
Now for the impatient ones to step aside and renew our minds.
The pulse of the naturalist is the structure to learn and imitate.
Your fate is set in stone, a bone to pick with the violators.
We can’t keep making the same mistakes.
People need to think before they take the basics away.
Decreasing our daily intake 'cause we cannot replace.
Dissolve, eradicate the human race.
Re-evaluate our stake in this beloved place.
Ensure its needs are met for this is the only chance we get to concentrate our efforts.
Ensure its needs are met.
This is the only chance we get.
Track Name: 12 PALMS
Filthiest minds spewing their utmost vile misconceptions, absorbed into your pores.
Longing to deplete every fibre of being. Disgusting creature, horrid consumer, irrelevant creator.
Masking the degradation amidst the foul and mundane.
Slithering father, reveal yourself to my insignificance, having completed the burden that was asked of me.
I relinquish myself to your unholiest of excellence.
Wash over me, wash over me entirely, penetrate my presence.
Consume me entirely, cultivate me, forcing beliefs on me.
I am not who you once knew, I am the end, the embodiment of evil.
Deprived of the sense of acknowledgement, I await your approval.
Objectionable as it may be, I seek your blessing, blindly devoting your essence to nothing.
The rewards are as such, bland and weak.
Nothing fulfilled, nothing obtained; ascertained.
Slowly eroding, it gnaws to the core, peeling the fibres.
Individually at first.
Grasping now clusters, disintegration.
The quest toward enlightenment hindered by the harbinger.
Preaching foul nectar spewn forth to the listener, concoction so sour, it reeks of deception.
Recycled. Regenerated.
Consumed and reborn.
The rewards are as such, bland and weak.
Nothing fulfilled, nothing obtained; ascertained.
A higher power you’ve put blind faith in, to reject your requisition to be carried to the heavens for an eternity of entitlements.
Rather 12 sweaty palms descend you in a hole, a dirty cavity to remain while you rot.
It enters the stream and begins its production.
An unstoppable force.
Commencing its task slowly it goes, meticulously destroying cells.
Disrupting the clotting causing organ degeneration.
Damage the tissue in the most painful of ways.
It aids in digestion by breaking down the meat.
Rotting away before your very eyes, making easier to macerate.
The ravenous beast devours your flesh in a ceremonious fashion.
Manifestation, permanent deterioration.
Loss of limbs, craters in the skin.
Once in its inescapable grasp, the struggle is futile.
All hope is gone.
It starts at my feet and gnaws his way up.
I emerge, boundless i soar.
Embracing radiance cascades across the planets.
Celestial child with no body to weigh me down.
Wandering soul.
Life is a flash in the pan.
A speck of light amongst the blackness.
Cognitive dreamscape, kaleidoscopic mastery.
Incomprehensible magnitude.
Humanity believes in their own importance.
We are literally meaningless.
A virus, bleeding our planet dry.
Ignoring the warnings.
Why can’t we be more supportive?
Life is such a random mishap.
End our ignorant species.
It wanders the street at night snatching the souls of the weak.
It seeks out the timid and cripples their life.
His blackened eyes can be seen for miles making it impossible to evade or escape.
Taking the spark that keeps them alive.
Hundreds have succumbed to demise.
You’ve heard the stories, you've read the tales.
You lay awake at night.
There’s no use in fighting his disfiguring grasp.
Soon it will be over, it’s your turn to pass and join the countless humans he's gone through before.
Sit and wait, it’s only begun.
The creek in the stairs has you wondering, will i be next?
Awakened now, i can’t seem to recognize anything (that) surrounds me.
Insatiable urge to smash my head upon the wall.
Noises flood my head causing this excruciating torment.
Echoes throughout my mind push me to no end.
Flashes of images reoccurring making it impossible to concentrate.
Emotionless stare below a haze of fog.
The faceless silhouette seeming to hover around, those dead eyes are all i see now.
Frightened to the core, it’s pointless to run.
I give my soul to take.
I hope my death is quick.
To be whisked away with minimal strain.
My families lament a quivering fact that looms in my mind as i comply with his intentions.
It starts out with a smell, a repugnant smell.
A taste all too familiar that cannot be repressed.
This sulphurous stench reminds me of death, but to know the cause is like grasping at straws.
Every so often, I’m hit with this redolence, but I still can’t put my finger on it.
Years have passed, the scent still it lingers.
As if goading me to acts so deplorable.
As it plumes into a miasma of rot, my stomach turns and vomit ensues.
It’s happened again, last night I can’t recall.
My clothing tattered and torn, filthy and tarnished.
Unknown lesions and bruises cover my limbs and abdomen.
Apprehension sets in, as i scour my wounds.
The underlying doubt of what I have done, reluctant to what I’ve committed.
Back to reality, daily life has resumed.
As for mentality, my mind still consumed.
Grisly and ghastly perceptions infiltrate my conceptions.
My troubled thoughts still haunt even though I try to remain of sound mind.
The hunger it needs the hunter to feed.
The familiar smell that has yet to be identified.
In the cellar I find, dozens of bodies are piled up.
How can i foresee?
Instincts are to dispose the bodies along the coast. (X3)
I must endure composure to dispose.
Track Name: EPITOME
Devour, absorb, Ingest, exhaust.
Squanderer of lives.
Annihilate the weak.
Lay waste to all who doubt me.
Reduce to human paste.
Those who attempt to dethrone me will be subjected to agony.
A most tortuous end for the thousands before you that didn't succeed.
I have always been a free thinker, a resourceful hunter and the noblest of men.
Nothing deters me, nothing escapes my grasp.
I fear nothing and have the trophy heads to prove my past.
Capitalizing on your mistakes and the inconsistencies of your strategy will aid me in your disposition and return you from where you came.
Contrary to your beliefs, you will be left to rot, picked clean by the scavengers.
Eventually your bones will be unearthed and studied by geologists of future days to further prove the existence of me.
Below a mountain of garbage, rubbish and waste you lay and decay.
This is where you were meant to be.
Feeding the festering worms and maggots for many centuries.
Back to (the) soil from which you were formed, to remain once more.
Now here you will stay, this time, it is final.
Marking the most grotesque destruction in history.
(The) epitome of conquering continents abroad and natively.
You shall see that i will be forever known as the worst human in history.
Extraneous drivel followed by all.
This mess of lies envisioned by the dealers of hate and misfortune.
Another weapon in a one sided war.
Profits are poached.
Both sides of a traitorous coin snatched from the bottom.
The lowest class are targeted by this.
Dollars are made out of thin air.
Decisions are made behind closed doors to alienate.
The rest expendable, used as pawns to achieve goals over many centuries, as longs as the bloodline survives.
Prison of sorts?
With the middle class bred out of existence, you have a two tier civilization.
Ones who can afford genetic manipulation.
Further benefitting their physical form.
As well as cognitive sufficiency.
Indifferent to all, mistakenly serving the elite.
Keep watching your television, having the whole world pass you by.
By keeping you fearing the authoritative control, you're less likely to revolt and ruin the rigmarole.
Unintelligent entertainment keeps you occupied from the majestic scenery, environment outside.
Misconstrued from what is important, that we create false necessities.
Put our focus on possessions and monetary items.
It’s almost a competition with no actual winner.
To see the outcome, to see who can gather the most splendour and toys.
When in reality you should only strive for happiness and family.
Extraneous drivel followed by all.
This mess of lies envisioned by the dealers of hate and misfortune.