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Consciousness is awareness that’s defined as a state of mind or the knowledge of existence.
Whether it’s within your body’s limitations or the immeasurable complexities of the world and its surroundings.
The basic thought that you're the center of the universe is a notion that majority will feel.
Even though it couldn't be further from the truth, it’s a pre conceived feeling from your date of birth.
As you grow, you mature from enlightenment. You begin to forge your own ideals.
Maybe now starting to realize you're not the utmost vital human in existence.
Come to terms that you're always insignificant, might be detrimental to your state of mind.
Forcing you into rationalization that everything around you is a fabricated web of lies outside the confines of the mind’s eye.
Now you’ve come to accept the newly gathered information that's become your life.
Open your eyes for me.
Witness unfathomable depths and limitless boundaries.
Embracing the morsel you have become to know.
Retracting sight from the visible light, encourages the fall to initiate it all.
Lucidity becoming more potent, washing over you.
Belieing what has been taught, what has been righteously force fed to your nubile mind.
Sickening patterns disguised as the norm, not until you've become the shell of what has been.
Irrelevant masterpiece.
A facade to all of the enlightened.
Such a minute piece to the puzzle.
You have seeped past the threshold.
From the thoughts of elders past.
It’s troubling to have to let it go.
Unbridled intuition speaks volumes of the path of which to take.
Free your mind of all unnecessary obstructions to obtain the goal at hand.
You’re getting closer, but something’s hindering your accomplishment, you're falling short.
It’s too late you've abandoned all your progress and I’ve had enough.
Failure to disambiguate resulted in your abolition.
You have forced my hand and I shall inhume your soul and obliterate your mortal casing forever more.
Forever more.


from Evolution of Deceit, released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Ending Tyranny Brantford, Ontario

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