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It wanders the street at night snatching the souls of the weak.
It seeks out the timid and cripples their life.
His blackened eyes can be seen for miles making it impossible to evade or escape.
Taking the spark that keeps them alive.
Hundreds have succumbed to demise.
You’ve heard the stories, you've read the tales.
You lay awake at night.
There’s no use in fighting his disfiguring grasp.
Soon it will be over, it’s your turn to pass and join the countless humans he's gone through before.
Sit and wait, it’s only begun.
The creek in the stairs has you wondering, will i be next?
Awakened now, i can’t seem to recognize anything (that) surrounds me.
Insatiable urge to smash my head upon the wall.
Noises flood my head causing this excruciating torment.
Echoes throughout my mind push me to no end.
Flashes of images reoccurring making it impossible to concentrate.
Emotionless stare below a haze of fog.
The faceless silhouette seeming to hover around, those dead eyes are all i see now.
Frightened to the core, it’s pointless to run.
I give my soul to take.
I hope my death is quick.
To be whisked away with minimal strain.
My families lament a quivering fact that looms in my mind as i comply with his intentions.


from Evolution of Deceit, released November 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Ending Tyranny Brantford, Ontario

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